What is 5G network and everything you need to know about it

“5G” many people just know the basic stuff about it and they thing the difference this time would also be just an increase in internet speed but do you think that’s all of it?.


Let’s start with with this,5G is the fifth generation of cellular network and for most of the word the fastest cellular network (because china is already developing 6G,like why just chill why be so fast)

It was first launched by verizon on october 1,2018 and it went live on april 13,2019 in parts of chicago and minneapolis (LUCKY) .

5G wireless technology is made to give ultra high speed multi GBps speed,really low latency,way more bigger network capacity and the performance compared to 4G is on a whole different level.if 4G is a human we can definitely put 5G as some godly power.

What’s the difference between 5G and the previous generations?.

  • 1G:If told in a normal way it started the basic calling system for us or you can say analog system, it was released in 1979.
  • 2G:it started the digital calling system and gave us enough internet connectivity that we could google stuff(my first internet connection was 2G…ah memories).
  • 3G:This didn’t give us much of a difference than giving us faster internet, better connectivity, basically a whole better network. It was released on march 3rd,2003 but it didn’t go well so it was done by Hutchison Telecommunications in june 2003.
  • 4G:this again gave us more speed, less latency and also they gave us crystal clear voice calls and video calls which previously with 3G was hard. In the UK they also have a 4G LTE advance which you can know by the name is faster.
  • 5G:It brings a bigger incredible change like the speed of the internet is 100 times better than 4G as 5G delivers multi Gbps speed, the latency is almost negligible and oh that’s not even the end of it.

How is 5G better than the others?

  • 5G internet speed significantly more than 4G and a lot more than the others.
  • Its latency is significantly lower than the others .
  • The capacity is a lot more than the others.
  • The spectrum used by 5G is in a different league of its own from the others.
  • 5G has a more unified platform compared to the other network.

5G delivers way better internet speed.
It is made in a way to deliver multi Gbps speed,10/Gbps at peak and 100/Mbps-400/Mbps normally.
Its latency is significantly lower than 4G(really low).
the latency is decreased by a lot as u may have to wait for just a bit in 4G or less,you don’t have to really even wait here it,s done in 1millisecond.
Its network capacity is a lot more than others.
The network capacity of 5G is a lot more than the others so it means that it would be able to take a lot of traffic.
Spectrum used by 5G is different from the others.
5G uses spectrum from below 1GHz but it also uses spectrum above 3.5 GHz or basically the limit of 4G
5G has a more unified spectrum.
while the others like 3G and 4G LTE focused on increasing the internet speed 5G even also giving a way to faster internet speed it also gives us a massive IOT and many new sevices.It is available at every band (low,mid,high) and all spectrum types (licensed,shared,unlicensed).from 1GHz to 6GHz while 4G used till 2.5GHz.

How fast is 5G?.

5G in theory can give upto 20 Gb/ps speed theoretically at high data rates but still in reality it won’t lose much to it’s still gonna be giving us a really fast internet,at average data rates it’s gonna give us a internet speed of 100Mb/ps theoretically at average data rates.

But because 5G has a new and bigger spectrum it can take on a lot of traffic and still give us high internet speed so basically u won’t be lagging again and again like u used to.

We can see how big the difference between the different internet speed of different network generations is down in the table.

How low is the latency?

latency basically is the difference of time or the time delay in the command given by the user and the completion of the command.

When i say the latency in 5G would be greatly reduced by that i mean that any command you give would be completed almost instantly compared to the latency offered by 4G,you can see the difference in the picture below.

the picture above shows how long a command takes to be completed by 4G in comparison to 5G showing the difference in latency.

This low latency would be helping in a lot of things like gaming or places where every second or the new auto driving vehicle as they can get every new information on a really low latency so they can work better and faster,many experts have thought of using 5G at home instead of wifi as it delivers such low latency but also of some other reasons given down.

A lot larger network capacity.

Network capacity basically means the amount of traffic a network can hold or handle at the given time,it also included the number of phone calls .

They are using a new technology/method/technique which is called “network slicing”.it gives us a personalized web experience giving every user a separate wireless network .

U can think of giving our cloud system like for every user they give us a separate network.

For example,you can understand a guy who’s playing multiplayer games or games that need constant data of uninterrupted and fast data in comparison to someone who’s just watching youtube.

So with network slicing the gamer would get his own personal network which will allow it to have a lot less interruption.

How different is the spectrum of 5G than others?

There are three types of spectrums if we wanna classify them easily.

  • the low band =>1 GHz (under 1GHz).
  • the mid band =1GHz<>6GHz(more than 1MHz and less than 6GHz).
  • the high band=6GHz< (greater than 6GHz).

for the high band we will usually talk around 26GHz or more.

Low band:these bands have large wavelengths and that makes them able to travel far and far but the problem is they carry a low amount of data.
Mid band:mid bands are between 1GHz and 6GHz, you can say they are the sweet-spot for data transfering. They give us good speed and they travel far enough. 4G and many wifi networks work in this range (4G is till and under 3.5GHz).
High band:these are bands above 6GHz and these have low wavelengths but at the same time they can transfer a lot of data over them

5G uses a wide range of bands from low bands to high bands.Low bands to keep giving the people who are in need of larger coverage areas and also high bands for those who need higher speed,it gives the network provider the flexibility to use different bands with different customers.

Millimeter waves
High band or millimeter waves are the waves that have low wavelengths but can carry a lot of data packs in them.They are above 6GHz if i need to say more precisely then around 26GHz and 28GHz up to 40 MHz which can give us data speed exceeding 1GBps.

How does 5g have a more unified spectrum?.

Till now the spectrums used by different network generations has been different like 2G mostly used under 1 GHz, 3G used from under 1GHz to 2.6GHZ,4G used from under 1GHz to 3.5GHz and when we talk about 5G it starts from under 1GHz all the way to 40GHz .

So WE can basically say that in 5G we get all the spectrums needed for us,like if we need more data speed we have that in the upper regions like 26GHz and 28GHz but if we need a really long distance we also get that in the lower areas.

What are the limitations of 5G?.

As you saw that 5G not only uses low bands but high bands as well and the problem with highbands is that they can’t travel much.That presents us the only solution of making small cellular towers so that everyone can get coverage of 5G.

If we think it ends there then we are just wrong cause installing small towers would need a lot of capital(money), by that we mean a lot cause we will have to install a lot of them. So if we think about it , it would need a lot of capital and its not that companies aren’t taking risk, they are, but it’s gonna take time for it to reach you .Even right now they are not many places which have 5G network in working conditions so we can just hope that it reaches the city u live in faster.

Will 5G cost more than 4G?.

In the beginning it’s predicted that they may charge you more money than your 4G as they also need to get the money back they put in the infrastructure and give money back to the people who invested in them,so yes the prices will be high in the starting.

According to what a lot of people think and what I think the prices of 5G will drop as more and more companies will be investing in them after getting a pre-built infrastructure. If not they would have at least an idea to do it faster and efficiently.

Is 5G harmful for your health?

We can never be certain as it’s gonna be used on phones and emit radiation so yea we for now can’t say anything for sure about the health related issues when using 5G.

The problem that 5G has is that because of low wavelengths we have to put small towers in a lot of places and in a level closer to the ground.

W.H.O has researched on this in 2014 and said that “no adverse health effects have been established as being caused by mobile phone use”, however when W.H.O and international agency for research on cancer(I.A.R.C) has classified all radio waves as “possibly carcinogenic”. Basically it means that the evidence falls short to show if their exposure may cause cancer. Eating pickled veggies or using your talcum powder are in the same category.

Dr Frank De Vocht, who helps advise the government on mobile phone safety says “although some of the research suggests a statistical possibility of increased cancer risks for heavy users, the evidence to date for a causal relation is not sufficiently convincing to suggest the need for precautionary action”.

Is 5G available in my city?.

There are definitely a lot of cities where 5G is already set and running. What I can do right now is either provide you a link to the proper place where u can find it.

or you can just google about them lmao:)

What are my thoughts on 5G?

5G according to me is definitely something really better than what we are having like usually we will never get this speed but now we will,we can actually now worry about our sites loading slow cause if they still do,dude you seriously need to change your mobile cause what you’ve been using its not even good enough to curse at lmao jk jk but yea its gonna be helpful for us.


That ultra low latency like almost negligible just think about gaming on it you’ll be flying(if your skills are good or you noob) and every small amount of time you’re faster in a FPS competition is better right,i myself game a fucking lot so i get it .


So if things go as we want them to then 5G would be a damn huge change right for everyone out there.like low latency,faster data speed,even more faster because of network slicing .I Myself have played on it tho i can’t say its the damn best thing but yea it will improve some time and it will get better and maybe so better that we can have better self driving vehicles which are more reliable. The same time ,Yes there are health issues but it’s not like they weren’t till 4G. I am not trying to say there are none but we can try to minimise our usage so they are negligible .

Yes for me it’s gonna be a good change and maybe for you who are into gaming you can make that guy u boast about his gaming skills get his nuts in his mouth after he watches you clutch his team cause of the low latency, sounds good right, to me too.

(pstt- i think i sounded like some salesman lmao)

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